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    Kumatrade, began operations in January 1991 with the aim of providing the market with competitive and stable raw materials prices, continuous and reliable quality, and immediate or scheduled availability. We currently provide raw materials for the textile and clothing industries, printers and paper textile labels and identification in general.

    To achieve our goal, we seek and make agreements with companies around the world that have competitive advantages, strong support, and reliability to ensure confidence in the long term. We maintain a constant search for new products and developments that enable our customers to be competitive and efficient in a globalized and highly competitive market. We hope this will contribute to the development of our customers’ businesses.

    We want to be the bridge between manufacturers of raw materials found in Asia, the United States or Europe and our customers in Mexico and Central America, thereby achieving access to products with the best cost-benefit ratio. We offer our customers not only a constant, stable and reliable supply but a true extension of its warehouses for raw materials, as our store has the products they need, when they need it without the cost and necessary infrastructure for international trade.

    Kumatrade, offers advice among choices within our wide variety of products that best meet customer needs, punctual delivery, excellent quality, the best cost-benefit and alternatives in each product.


    About Us

    We supply the market with the materials for the manufacturing of labels of fabric or paper, offering fabrics and tapes for label printing, self-adhesive paper, hot stamping foil, thermal transfer ribbon (TTR). We also offer the raw materials for manufacturing of polyester fabrics and elastic tapes such as polyester yarn, rubber thread and metallic yarns. We supply our customers with products that meet their requirements for quality, price and lead times. Our goal is simple: to give our customers the product they need, how and when need it, at the best possible price.

    We are the leading supplier in Mexico of fabrics for printing textile labels with a wide variety of products for various needs. In the category of threads, we have the fibers for manufacturers of elastic tapes, ropes, socks and stockings. Our latex thread has the best market acceptance for its quality and performance, resulting in improved productivity and lower costs for manufacturers of elastic narrow fabrics.

    >We operate from Mexico City serving customers throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and the rest of the world through our affiliates in the United States and Asia. Since our founding in 1991, we have maintained our focus on customers to contribute to the success of their businesses. Thank you for your confidence in Kumatrade!


    Quality Promise

    We will provide solutions for the textile, apparel and printing industries; We will meet the needs and lead times required by our customers through and efficient teamwork, developed by people convinced of the importance of their work who are committed every day to improve the results of their activities.



    Resolve the needs of materials to the textile, apparel and label manufacturers by providing them with products available in the international market that best meet their requirements, exactly where and when they are sought. Give members of our organization a job that meets their professional and economic needs. Maintain excellent, stable and long term relationships with our suppliers.



    Set the highest standards in resolving needs in the industry.



    We do not seek profit over the responsibilities and commitments to our customers and suppliers. We want satisfied customers both inside and outside our organization.

    We are committed to the welfare of all members of our organization.

    Achieving success requires an extraordinary effort.

    Avoid expenses that do not add value to our customers or to our company.

    Contribute to improving our community through the constant and ongoing collaboration with renowned organizations dedicated to social welfare work.

    Reduce the impact on the environment from our productive activity.