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    Polyester thread

    We only sell quality threads. Zero guarantee filament breakage, Tintoria affinity and uniform packet size

    The most common products in inventory.

      polyester textured yarn 75d, 150d, 300d

      TEXTURED 75/36/1 CRUDE

      TEXTURED 150/48/1 CRUDE

      TEXTURED 300/96/1 CRUDE

      TEXTURED BLACK 150/48/1

      TEXTURED BLACK 150/48/2

      Thread rigid polyester trilobal bright 75d, 150d, 300d

      RIGID 75/36/1 BRIGHT

      RIGID 150/48/1 BRIGHT

      RIGID 300/96/1 BRIGHT

      Stretch or set


      COMPACT 150/48/1 CRUDE

      COMPACT 300/96/1 CRUDE

      COMPACT BLACK 150/48/1

      COMPACT BLACK 150/48/2

      Raw or dyed

      Various applications, including flat knit, circular knit, knitting, braiding, etc.

      We have immediate delivery from our warehouse

      We supply from a box of 33kgs. up containers of 23 tonnes

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