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    Sales: Circe Moreno, Cel. 55-5416-6153, cmoreno@kumatrade.com
    Irving Hernández, Cel. 55-8096-4426, ihernandez@kumatrade.com
    César Reséndiz, Cel. 55-4833-4516, cresendiz@kumatrade.com

    Foreign trade: Nadia Zárate, Cel. 55-5064-9989, nzarate@kumatrade.com

    Accounting and Administration: Raymundo Quiroz, rquiroz@kumatrade.com

    Credit and Collection:Irma Cruz, cobranzas@kumatrade.com

    Other Issues: contacto@kumatrade.com

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    Our philosophy is oriented toward constant and permanent improvement to provide the best products, when needed and at a competitive price.

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