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    Fabrics for textile printing labels

    Ribbons and fabrics to cover any need for identification and brand, including 100% nylon fabric, 100% polyester, 100% cotton, acetate and mixtures of polyester / cotton and adhesive cold and heat. Some of the uses of our fabrics are: clothes, underwear, footwear, toys, clothing, jeans, belts, etc.

    We have all kinds of fabrics for printing and specific need. If it is a completely new need, we work together to develop innovative products. For all common types of printing such as thermal transfer, flexo graphy, hotstamping, laser or dot matrix, press and offset. Heavy-duty applications and specialty as acidwash, fire retardant, with cold adhesive or heat, woven edges. Nylon, polyester, cotton, acetate. Can not find the product you need in this table, call us to find together the ideal and unique product to meet your needs.

    Some of our fabrics increased consumption:

      White nylon




      NT681 y NT680

      NT608A adhesivo



      PT500N Black cloth



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